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  • Shin Yonggu



    Collecting Dream Pieces, 2014


    Perhaps we live with the invisible, non-human beings, constantly fearing and believing in them. Damp shades and dry sunlight cast across the gardens sandwiched between the hospital’s wards symbolically represent our competing memories about this time and place. The opening piece, The Garden of Memory Blossoms, seeks to console us not as an act of ritual, but as a performance of peace and hope residing in our everyday life.

    Shin Yonggu (b.1971) explores the meaning of life and vitality embedded within the cycles of nature and human life through performance. Most recently he was invited to perform at Georgia Contemporary Korean Art Exhibition (2019), Indonesia Bandung ISOLA Performing Festival (2019), Portugal Cerveira Biennale (2019), and the Pyeongchang Cultural Olympics Official Program ‘Fire Art Festa’ (2018), The May 18 Democratization Movement Festival, among others. He was also the artistic director of Geochang Public Art Program (2020).