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  • Kim Seola



    The Tease of Water, 2018


    The Former Armed Forces’ Gwangju Hospital is a site where days and nights overlap. Trapped in that suspended time, it struggles to fall asleep underneath the weight of history. This is a place where memories of those undying deads and unlivable lives are marked in black. Despite being closed off for so many years, the wounds of the unbodily beings once housed inside this space open up and quiver like the constant murmuring of the land. The swaying and staggering movements of these innocent and fragile bodies that relied on the thin tubes are glimpsed from Kim’s work. Yet, it is the silent screams of memory that seeks to recall them into living bodies and speaking subjects. Kim Seola has been tracing that which cannot be recorded in writing or with photography. Extending her interrogation into the role of art as vestiges of remembrance, Kim captures and delicately re-presents these micro-movements and sounds of insecure, fragile, minute beings floating around the abandoned rooms of the building.