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  • Im Heung-soon



    Good Light, Good Air, 2018
    2-channel video and 4-channel sound
    42 min

    2018 Gwangju-Buenos Aires Youth Video Workshop,
    The mirror: The way to share your pain, 2018
    19 min 4 sec

    2019 Gwangju-Buenos Aires Youth Video Workshop,
    The way to connect you and I, 2019
    15 min 38 sec

    Dear Earth–Photography Series, 2019/2020
    18 pigment prints
    each: 45 × 32.5 cm
    Courtesy of the artist


    Korean filmmaker and artist IM Heung-soon’s two-channel film Good Light, Good Air weaves a historical and affective thread between Buenos Aires and Gwangju: between May Mothers’ House—the mothers of the victims of May 18 in Gwangju—and the Madres de Plaza de Mayo—mothers of the victims of the last military dictatorship in Argentina. The two human rights organizations keep the memory of these tragic events alive. Departing from stories, interviews, footage of memory sites, archives, landscapes, and people, IM composes a poetic of memory that overflows into the present and gives visibility to the myriad ways in which the past instills shapes into our collective and individual selves. As part of this extensive project, IM carried out a series of workshops with young students—who live both in Gwangju and Buenos Aires—during which the participants got to know each other’s histories and reflect upon their own. Collaborating with the artist, they used film, performance, and text as tools to reinterpret history from the perspective of their own present struggles. The exhibition will also present IM’s own archive: collections of rocks, small objects, and photographs he has been gathering when visiting memorial sites. These objects have witnessed tragedy and survived—together they tell a story from their singular point of view.


    IM Heung-soon (b. 1969, Seoul, Korea) is an artist and filmmaker based in Seoul and Jeju Island. Starting with his early works about his working-class family, he has expanded his art world by exploring the lives of people who are marginalized in social, political, capitalist, and national contexts. His political yet emotional works are embodied through different visual mediums such as photography, installations, public art, community art, and films. He directed several feature films such as Jeju Prayer (2012), Factory Complex (2014), Ryeohaeng (2016), Reborn (2017), Exchange Diary (MOMOSE Aya x IM Heung-soon, 2015–18), and Things that Do Us Part (2019). His recent works have been exhibited, among others, at Sharjah Biennial (UAE, 2015), MoMA PS1 (New York, 2015), Tate Modern (London, 2015), Pompidou Centre (Paris, 2016), Taipei Biennial (2016), Carnegie Int’l (Pittsburgh, United States, 2018). In 2017, he organized the exhibition Things that Do Us Part – Belief · Faith · Love · Betrayal · Hatred · Fear · Ghost (MMCA, Seoul) and selected artist for MMCA Hyundai Motor Series 2017.