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  • Lim Namjin



    Coming, Missing, 2019


    Known for her sarcastic depictions of the everyday through the medium of Buddhist scroll painting, Lim presents three paintings at this exhibition. Each composed at a different period in the artist’s life, the paintings thread together the personal and the political, highlighting the undefinable borders structuring our lives. Powerless, for example, represents the sense of defeat Lim felt upon encountering the news of Park Geun-hye and Choi Soon-sil gate, through the reflection of an elderly man mindlessly lounging on the sofa. He merely stares back into the TV screen. Nevertheless, the unveiling of society’s dark secret eventually prompted individuals to take action. Coming, Missing depicts candles left by protestors who took part in the candlelight demonstration. Through absence, the painting speaks of people’s solidarity, the voices, and the shapes of their collectivity. Despite the conflicts and paradoxes shaping our history and society, we charge forward in our own ways, however fragile and vulnerable that may seem, like the paper boats floating through the Yellow Fog.