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  • Choi Kichang



    Pieta, 2020


    As an extension of the artist’s exploration of concepts such as ‘happiness’ and ‘love,’ Pieta appropriates one of Michelangelo’s sculptural masterpieces. The depiction of Mary grieving over Jesus has come to be more than a religious icon over time. Regarded as a symbolic representation of universal humanity, its presence within the exhibition also recalls the solidarity of families and communities, whose love and grievance relate back to the May 18 Movement. However, by breaking up the image into 120 pieces and filtering them through halftone dots, Choi’s Pieta prevents a singular reading. Instead, it guides our attention to the subtle fractures and rifts created by oxidized plates. Responding to the architectural specificity of the hospital, the Rainbow Sequence series finds its motif from the windows. These broken windows scattered across the building were once used as transparent borders, ventilating the space. In contrast to oxidized surfaces, the painted surfaces of Rainbow Sequence similarly seek to refresh our recollection of the past and hopes for the future.