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    Un/Chrono/Logical Timeline Gwangju Remix, 2020
    printouts, transparent vinyl
    variable dimensions
    Courtesy of the artists


    Another Roadmap School Africa Cluster (ARAC) is a trans-regional space of collaboration that shares with the People’s Art School the orientation toward popular art education as an exercise in freedom and justice. Its Johannesburg Working Group has been developing a timeline that does not evolve through any strict chronological order or individual authorship but rather explores collective memories and the nexus of transnational alternative learning and art practices. Another Roadmap School Africa Cluster (ARAC)’s Un/Chrono/Logical Timeline Gwangju Remix was initially assembled by Binna Choi and Christian Nyampeta with contributions by Jong-kil Kim, Kyong-nam Yoo, Hong Song- dam, and the May 18 Democratic Archive. It is adoptable and additional contributors can be added, in conversation with Binna Choi and Christian Nyampeta who are the caretakers of this work. For the Gwangju iteration of the exhibition, a group of students from Chonnam National University who have been researching the Gwangju People’s Art School in the 1980s from the contemporary perspective join as active contributors.


    Another Roadmap for Arts Education Africa Cluster (ARAC) is a global network that emerged out of a research project on the history of arts education. Initiated at the Institute for Art Education at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), today the cooperative involves educators, artists, and researchers working across four different continents. In the past five years, ARAC has organized international symposiums consisting of internal working sessions alongside public workshops, exhibitions, evening programs, live music, performance, site visits, and film screenings. The activities take place in various cities across Africa and beyond—convened by working groups of Another Roadmap in Johannesburg, Kampala, Lubumbashi, Lesotho, and Cairo, among other places, and include members of Keleketla! Library, Keep the Dream Arts, Wits School of Arts as well as local, independent cultural workers.