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  • Chul-soo Lee



    Han (Soul), 1984

    Korean People’s Social History, 1987


    Chul-soo Lee (b. 1954, Seoul, Korea) joined the Minjung woodcut movement in the early 1980s and focused on transforming reality through printmaking and introducing woodcuts into publishing. In 1981, he had his first solo exhibition Chul- soo Lee’s Prints (Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul). Since he settled down in Jecheon, Chungbuk Province in the late 1980s, he has produced woodcut prints while farming and participated in exhibitions, including National Art Lovely Paintings (Geurim Madang Min, Seoul, 1988), and Minjung Woodblock Prints from the 1980s (Geurim Madang Min, Seoul, 1989). He authored the Letters with Leaves series (2009–12), Simple Present (2004), and The Song of Life (2005) containing his woodcut prints, and collections of woodcut essays In the Night When Pear Blossom Bloomed (1996), One Sound (2001).