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  • In-cheol Lee


    Anti-War Anti-Nuclear, 1988
    linocut print
    54 × 39 cm

    People Who Can’t Remain, 1987
    linocut print
    30 × 49 cm
    Private collection

    Records of History, 1987
    linocut print
    31 × 50 cm

    Republic of Sport, Top and Bottom, 1986
    linocut print
    58 × 41 cm

    The Great Journey, 1987
    linocut print
    77 × 56 cm
    Courtesy of the artist


    In-cheol Lee (b. 1955, Busan, Korea) graduated from the Busan National Fisheries University (currently known as Bukyong National University) and joined Minjung art in the 1980s. His solo exhibitions include Our Daily Lives (Geurim Madang Min, Seoul and Ondara Museum of Art, Jeonju, Korea, 1989), Good Days! (Busan Democracy Park, Korea, 2006), Old story (Park Jinhwa Gallery, Ganghwa, Korea, 2010), and In the Paradise (Namu Artist Space, Seoul, 2018). He also participated in group exhibitions including Sex of These Days (Geurim Madang Min, Seoul, 1986), 5.5 Republic (Geurim Madang Min, Seoul, 1989), and Keyword Korean Art 2017: Plaza Arts–From Torch to Candlelight (Jeju Museum of Art, Korea, 2017).