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  • Yeun-bok Yoo



    We Shall Accomplish, Accomplish in the End, 1989
    woodcut print
    37 × 37 cm

    Unwavering Comrades, 1988
    woodcut print
    43 × 60 cm

    Split Apart and Charge Forward, 1989
    woodcut print
    28 × 49 cm

    Let’s Go! Toward the Era of Minjung, 1990
    woodcut print
    60 × 87 cm

    Goliath’s Fighters, 1990
    woodcut print
    110 × 68 cm
    Courtesy of the artist


    Yeun-bok Yoo (b. 1958, Gapyeong, Korea) graduated from Hongik University, Seoul, in 1984, majoring in western painting. He formed Seoul Art Community, and worked as a member of the wall painting team Sipjangsaeng, the ten traditional symbols of longevity. He was involved in wall paintings, banners, and prints movements. He was indicted for violating the act on the Management of Outdoor Advertisements in 1986 while painting Sipjangsaeng on the wall of his own house, but the charge was later dropped. He moved to Anseong in 1993 and is currently focused on local activities and woodcut prints. He held a solo exhibition Yeun-bok Yoo’s Minjung Woodcut (LACC, Chicago, United States, 1989) and his trio woodcut exhibition Turning the Soil Over (1991) toured nine cities in Korea and Germany. He also participated in a group woodcut exhibition Where the Earth Meets Heaven (Haeum Museum of Art, Suwon, Korea, 2015).