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  • Jinha Kim



    Madman, 1984
    woodcut print
    25 × 17 cm

    Thoughts, 1984
    woodcut print
    26 × 19 cm

    The Revolutionist’s Daughter, 1988
    woodcut print
    18 × 31 cm

    The Unreachable Country, 1988
    woodcut print
    19 × 24.5 cm

    Until the Sick Body is No Longer Sick, 1988
    woodcut print
    35 × 55 cm
    Courtesy of the artist


    Jinha Kim (b. 1961, Korea) is the director of Namu Artist Space and a specialist in woodcut print. He began his career as a curator at Hankang Museum in 1984. Between 1989 and 1999 he was a chief curator at Namu Gallery, and served as a research fellow at Art Consulting Seoul. He has published widely, including Sang-ku Kim’s Woodcut print—back to nature, towards trees (Hangil Art, 2009), Modern and Contemporary Woodcut Print 1883–2007: Tree Mirror (Woorimisul Yeonguso Poom, 2007). He is also a critic and a woodcut artist himself.